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RDO Decal

RDO Field Uses:

Clinical (Surgical Pathology & Autopsy Pathology)
Comparative Anatomy
Dental Pathology
Experimental Pathology
Medical (Surgical Pathology & Autopsy Pathology)
Oral Pathology & Special (Anatomy)

RDO is produced at a single quality-controlled facility and warehoused at central locations. RDO is readily available from stock for same day shipments. Its chemical properties allow air shipment for next day delivery.

We've been making RDO since 1966

Apex Engineering Products Corporation is a proud 4th generation, family owned, customer driven, specialty chemical manufacturer serving the worldwide marketplace for over 60 years! The Medical Division within Apex Engineering Products Corporation manufactures, packages, sells and supports RDO and RDO GOLD. These are the best available products for the preparation of histological and in vitro diagnostic use. We use only state of the art technology in our new global headquarters, maintaining the highest possible quality control output of our unique products. Apex Engineering Products Corporation is now an ISO 9001 Certified Company!

  • Quality you can trust
    Quality you can trust

    Both RDO and RDO Gold are unsurpassed decalicfiers that can be tailored to suit your specific lab routine.

  • Save time
    Save time

    RDO was developed with the basic premise of making your work routine quicker and easier. RDO is presently being used by thousands of technicians world-wide and is the decalcifier of choice when superior staining qualities are desired in a minimum amount of time.

  • Gentle on specimens

    RDO Rapid Decalcifier is a major improvement to histological processing procedures. Compared with other commercially available decalcifiers, RDO gently decalcifies specimens in a fraction of the time.

  • Technical

    Both RDO and RDO Gold may be diluted with tap water to permit multipurpose use. Dilution with tap water is recommended for mildly calcified specimens such as bone marrow biopsies (core). In either case, the standard procedure should be to check the specimen periodically to determine the endpoint of decalcification.

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